Our Hospital

Lobby Our goal is to create an environment where it is comfortable and welcoming for clients and patients, while allowing the doctors and staff to practice the best medicine possible. To that end, we decided to make the hospital open and dedicate more space to all of the elements than most hospitals. District Veterinary Hospital doesn’t look like a hospital – no one wants to go to the hospital – so we modeled our waiting room after a modern living room and our exam rooms after a seating area – all while using warm colors and surfaces. This maximizes comfort for patients, owners and staff. Where possible the original 1938 pressed-tin ceilings were maintained. There is greenery. There are rocks and interesting magazines. The lighting is warm, the seating is soft and comfortable. We have left behind the cold sterile feel of yesterday’s veterinary hospital.  There is a hospitality station with coffee and snacks – human and animal! You won’t want to leave.Treatment

Our exam rooms contain all needed medical supplies and have furniture more aligned with a comfortable living room than a traditional clinical space. Behind the scenes, the technology and equipment is state-of-the-art and include a full surgical suite, a dental suite, treatment areas, comfortable holding areas and staff offices. There are no hidden areas of our hospital – there are large windows from the hallway into our treatment area. We believe in being visible and not hiding behind closed doors. A self-service washing station, called THE TUB, has been installed. Why clog your drain at home or get your bathroom messy? We are ready for your pup! A central vacuum (one of the greatest inventions of all time) has been installed. The facility has been built to exceed all American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) requirements.

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