COVID-19 Procedures

Due to the on-going health emergency, we will be changing how we see appointments for the interim period. This is not permanent, but will probably last until the mayor lifts the current distancing measures for businesses. We do not take these changes lightly. Please see below for our procedures for seeing appointments as of Monday, April 6, 2020. We truly want to see you in person and it breaks our hearts to change the way we see clients, but it is necessary for the health of everyone. 


  • For all new clients, it is imperative that you complete our new client form in advance at, and then continue to complete your pet’s patient history. If you have any medical records, please email them in advance to either Brookland ( or Eastern Market ( 


  • When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, please call the respective front desk to let them know you are here.
    Brookland: 202-827-1230 –  please stay in your car until we invite you to the lobby.
    Eastern Market: 202-888-2090 – please remain close to our front door while giving others social distance space.
  • The receptionist will invite you to enter or one of our staff will greet you at the door. Our staff member will confirm your name and your pet’s name, the presenting reason for seeing us, and will obtain your cell phone number and any lab samples you may have brought.
    Dogs must have a good collar or harness already on and fitted.
    Cats must be in secured carriers. 
  • We will then escort your pet to see the doctor while you are kindly asked to return to your vehicle or the outside hallway or neighborhood. It is very important that you remain close and have your phone on as the doctor will then call you to discuss history and other issues and formulate a treatment plan and examine your pet.
  • The doctor will discuss her or his findings with you and an estimate for services. You will then be transferred to the front desk so that we can complete the invoice over the phone. Your invoice will be emailed to you, or printed, if you request.
  • Once the doctor and staff have completed their examinations, treatments, and completed the invoice, we will meet you back at the door to return your furry friend and hand you any needed medications or supplies.